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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Dear me!’ OHNO
‘Jaws’ sighting SHARKFIN
‘Modern Family’ dad PHIL
‘Yeah, sure!’ IBET
Alcove NICHE
Atomizer’s output MIST
Bank guarantor FDIC
Baton ROD
Bike part PEDAL
Bold way to solve crosswords ININK
Burger side FRIES
Capone’s foe NESS
Corn unit EAR
Cries of insight AHAS
Critical element LINCHPIN
Cry loudly SOB
Curbside container TRASHBIN
Different ELSE
Dogpatch boy ABNER
Freshener target ODOR
Full-price payers ADULTS
Go under FAIL
Intellect MIND
Isthmus nation PANAMA
Clues Answers
Junction NODE
Kipling classic GUNGADIN
Long, long time AEON
Low point NADIR
Manx, e.g CAT
Maximum amount ALL
Notions IDEAS
Paper worker EDITOR
Penny prez ABE
Place LIEU
Rap style GANGSTA
Refining waste SLAG
Rich veins LODES
Riot robber LOOTER
Roofing material SLATE
Rx payer HMO
Scary cry BOO
Seek safety RUNHOME
Ship of 1492 NINA
Shortly, in poems ANON
Singer McEntire REBA
Small setback SNAG
Stashes HIDES
Travel stops INNS
Wear down ABRADE