Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Accelerated SPEDUP
Baseball’s Rodriguez ALEX
Be quietly furious SEETHE
Binary digit ZERO
Bright hue RED
Bullfight cry OLE
Car type SEDAN
Challenges DARES
Chaney of films LON
Dark fur SABLE
Day warmer SUN
Defeated, but barely EDGED
Derisive calls BOOS
Diva’s piece ARIA
Earth’s neighbor VENUS
Extend, as a subscription RENEW
Fish eggs ROE
Foot joints ANKLES
Free of fat LEAN
Greatly impressed INAWE
Haughty PROUD
Have debts OWE
It’s over your head SKY
Lose traction SKID
Lot unit ACRE
Marked a ballot XED
Methane, for one GAS
Painter Matisse HENRI
Pale tan ECRU
Periods DOTS
Pickle buy JAR
Piston connector ROD
Pitching stat ERA
Puzzled VEXED
Rabbits’ home WARREN
Racket SCAM
Rainbow shape ARC
River part DELTA
Screen dot PIXEL
Shark’s home OCEAN
Sit-up targets ABS
Some jingle writers ADMEN
Song on an album RECORDTRACK
Sprinted RAN
Street group GANG
Tag numbers SIZES
Tic-toe link TAC
Wait to pounce LURK
Water whirl EDDY
Writer Follett KEN
Young fellow LAD

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