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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 15 2018

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Clues Answers
‘– Kapital’ DAS
‘Stop being a wimp!’ MANUP
‘Wheel of Fortune’ host SAJAK
— Domini ANNO
Add words into INTERPOLATE
Asian monk LAMA
Baseball’s Rose PETE
Begrimed DIRTY
Brake type DISC
Crude home HOVEL
Derisive sound SNORT
Dieter’s lunch SALAD
Divided SPLIT
Eiffel Tower setting PARIS
Fresh NEW
Friend of Frodo SAM
Galloped RAN
Glutton HOG
History bit ERA
In the past AGO
Little devil IMP
Lobed organ EAR
Lock opener KEY
Making eyes, perhaps FLIRTY
Mandolin’s cousin LUTE
Mayo buy JAR
Clues Answers
Midterms and finals EXAMS
Mix up STIR
Musical group CHORUS
Not strict LAX
Notorious czar IVAN
One of the senses TOUCH
Op or pop ART
Organ part STOP
Oust from power DEPOSE
Pago Pago setting SAMOA
Parking area LOT
Pod contents PEAS
Quite uncommon RARE
Recurring theme MOTIF
Reuben bread RYE
Salty snack CHIPS
Spool stuff THREAD
Strike caller UMP
Track runner PONY
Trip around the track LAP
Water cooler ICE
Wee bit ATOM
Whole bunch SLEW
Wildly eager AGOG
Wizardry MAGIC
You’re reading them CLUES