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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 15 2019

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Clues Answers
Albert and Victoria LAKES
Archaic OLD
Auto ding DENT
Ave. crossers STS
Blow one’s top ERUPT
Brown songbird LARK
Buck’s mate DOE
Coat rack part PEG
Comes in ENTERS
Consecrate BLESS
Crew tool OAR
Cuts off ENDS
Director Preminger OTTO
Director Spike LEE
Do over REPEAT
Engravers ETCHERS
Enticed LURED
Fast runner HARE
Foils’ kin EPEES
Full-price payers ADULTS
Galena, for one ORE
Genesis site EDEN
Girder material STEEL
Heart outlet AORTA
High home NEST
Historic stretch ERA
Hollywood workers AGENTS
Huck’s friend TOM
Like tears SALINE
Low joint ANKLE
Melody AIR
Noted newspaperman HEARST
Ominously gloomy GOTHIC
One of Santa’s team DASHER
Order to Spot STAY
Pert talk SASS
Ranch workers HANDS
Relaxing place SPA
Salt Lake City player UTE
Saturn feature RINGS
Shaggy ox YAK
Smell ODOR
Sticky stuff TAR
Studied intensely BONEDUP
Tiny WEE
Verdi piece ARIA
Weather map spots LOWS
Wrestling show SMACKDOWN
Young fellow LAD