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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 16 2019

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Clues Answers
Ascend RISE
Before, to bards ERE
Blunders ERRS
Boston airport LOGAN
Calendar items DATES
Chosen few ELITE
Clinic nickname DOC
Composer Rorem NED
Concert extras ENCORES
Cruise stop PORT
Desk type ROLLTOP
Eastern rulers EMIRS
Egg outline OVAL
Fizzy drink SODAPOP
H look-alike ETA
Half of Hispaniola HAITI
In the past AGO
In transit ENROUTE
Inning count OUTS
Intolerant sort BIGOT
Janitorial tool WETMOP
Joust need LANCE
Lennon’s love ONO
Like lambs OVINE
Like tigers STRIPED
Make a choice OPT
Making money MINTING
Movie pig BABE
Music genre HIPHOP
P look-alike RHO
Pharaoh’s symbol ASP
Price holders TAGS
Prologue INTRO
Raptors’ home TORONTO
Ruin MAR
Shade TINT
Sheriff’s group POSSE
Stadium tops DOMES
Story meanies OGRES
Submerged BELOW
Summer cooler ICEDTEA
Take the wheel STEER
Toy store buy DOLL
War god ARES
With no help ALONE
Work wk. start MON
Wrath IRE