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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 17 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Be quiet!’ CANIT
‘Beat it!’ SCRAM
‘I — Rock’ AMA
Acid type AMINO
Active spot ANTHILL
Amused look GRIN
Blvd.’s kin AVE
Boom type SONIC
Braille bits DOTS
Cacao holder POD
Combined POOLED
Comes close NEARS
Computer screen sight MENUBAR
Cooling ingredient MENTHOL
Coxswain’s count STROKES
Crazy talk RANT
Geologic period ERA
H look-alike ETA
Healer Barton CLARA
Hogwarts messengers OWLS
Hold tightly GRASP
Humiliate DEMEAN
Leather color TAN
Clues Answers
Lent a hand AIDED
Like tanks ARMORED
London area SOHO
Mamie’s mate IKE
Manipulative sort USER
Mecca native ARAB
Nap sacks BEDS
Noted surrealist DALI
Ottawa anthem OCANADA
Painter Ernst MAX
Prologue INTRO
Rafter’s place RIVER
Safe spot HAVEN
Sawbones DOC
Set the pace LED
Sold for RANTO
Spanish dances BOLEROS
Speculate OPINE
Take the title WIN
Threaten MENACE
Traffic marker CONE
Uniform color OLIVE
Vein yield ORE
Wise teacher MENTOR