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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 2 2018

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Clues Answers
Abrasive powder EMERY
Advantage EDGE
Brood watcher HEN
Calendar box DAY
Castle part TURRET
Comely one LOOKER
Cube face SQUARE
Depth charge, in slang ASHCAN
Dove sound COO
Feeling friendless LONELY
Gift from Santa TOY
Goddess of the hunt DIANA
Golden Rule word UNTO
Great weight TON
Hoop attachment NET
Insulted HURT
Is for two ARE
Land in the sea ISLE
Long time EON
Maximum amount ALL
Miles off AFAR
Not fooled by ONTO
Odometer reading MILES
On the go ACTIVE
Clues Answers
Opera feature ARIA
Order to Spot STAY
Pageantry POMP
Paint base LATEX
Physique BODY
Place to relax SPA
Prefer LIKE
Proofing note STET
Puts on WEARS
Ring out PEAL
Russian denial NYET
Sean of ‘Rudy’ ASTIN
Sedan or SUV CAR
Singer Cline PATSY
Slam on the brakes STOPSHORT
Slimming plan DIET
Sound of delight SQUEAL
Spoken ORAL
Spur on URGE
Syrup choice MAPLE
Tenor Carreras JOSE
Tour carrier BUS
Travel aid MAP
Walk unevenly LIMP
Wheel connector AXLE
Young horse FOAL