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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Thomas Joseph King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“John Brown’s Body” poet BENET
“Message received” ROGER
“You busy?” GOTASEC
Angry with MADAT
Balm ingredient ALOE
Brighten ELATE
Canadian dollar coins LOONIES
Canadian grazer ELK
Canary chow SEEDS
Casual shirt TEE
Comic strip unit PANEL
Copying ALA
Critic, at times RATER
Draw TIE
Drill part BIT
Electronic component MODULE
Errand runners GOFERS
Fan setting BLEACHERS
Flammable gas ETHANE
Flock father RAM
Frilly wrap BOA
Glossy SLEEK
Honolulu hello ALOHA
Illinois city PEORIA
Like old streets COBBLED
Mail-related POSTAL
Make amends ATONE
Map area STATE
More pious HOLIER
Neckwear CRAVAT
Patch up MEND
Pendulum path ARC
Quite full SATED
Ready for print EDITED
Right away ATONCE
Ryan of movies MEG
Sahara sight MIRAGE
Sermon deliverers PREACHERS
Shocked sounds GASPS
Skate park sights RAMPS
Star Fleet weapon PHASER
Swearing-in vow IDO
Title holder CHAMP
Tough wood ASH
Try out USE
Wall defacer VANDAL
Zhivago’s portrayer SHARIF