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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 20 2019

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Clues Answers
‘A mouse!’ EEK
Airport announcement ARRIVAL
Annual golf tournament BRITISHOPEN
Art inspirers MUSES
Articles ITEMS
Bat wood ASH
Beer dispenser KEG
Big hit SMASH
Bit of wordplay PUN
Brewed beverage TEA
Cake coating ICING
Common title word THE
Conjure up EVOKE
Do further editing work RECUT
Downhill need SKIPOLE
Film excerpts CLIPS
Game of hands POKER
Great weight TON
Hacienda houses CASAS
High homes NESTS
Higher than ABOVE
Idolized REVERED
In the style of ALA
Inquire ASK
Instructional HOWTO
Metal source ORE
Mouth part LIP
Neon or helium GAS
Oil cartel OPEC
Orchestra member ENGLISHHORN
Packing box CRATE
Play division ACT
Produces MAKES
Pub game DARTS
Put in office ELECT
Put up ERECT
Rank cigars STOGIES
Recipe instruction STIR
Sacred chests ARKS
Smallest LEAST
Soaking spot TUB
Spooky gathering SEANCE
Stockholm native SWEDE
Suspension bridge parts CABLES
Table parts LEGS
Tart fruit LEMON
Uranium-235, for one ISOTOPE
Witch trial town SALEM
— acids AMINO