Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Over There!” writer COHAN
Allude to CITE
Argument QUARREL
Bakery worker ICER
Bible twin ESAU
Birdie beater PAR
Bulgaria’s capital SOFIA
Calls on USES
Choir voice ALTO
Circle dance HORA
Comic’s forte HUMOR
Complain CARP
Coot’s home MARSH
Cotillion girl DEB
DiMaggio nickname JOLTINJOE
Egg outline OVAL
Finger features NAILS
French caps BERETS
Generic NONAME
Get news of HEAR
Glowing coals EMBERS
Guaca-mole base AVOCADO
Hop atop MOUNT
Imam’s place MOSQUE
Imperfect FLAWED
Leg part CALF
Long look STARE
Make an address ORATE
Man of many words ROGET
Moray or conger EEL
More than some EVERY
On this spot HERE
Performed DID
Printer’s need PRESS
Raucous bird MACAW
Reggae’s birthplace JAMAICA
Schoolbag item PENCIL
Tennis star Nadal RAFAEL
Tickle AMUSE
Titled woman LADY
Too trusting NAIVE
University of Wyo-ming site LARAMIE
Went around ORBITED
Wipes out ERASES

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