Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Administrative capital of South Africa PRETORIA
Amber or myrrh RESIN
Asia’s — Sea ARAL
Attack command SIC
Be behind RUNLATE
Boom type SONIC
Brake type DISC
Cause trouble AGITATE
Censors BLEEPS
Contest form ENTRY
Cow feature UDDER
Cut into cubes DICED
Decorate ADORN
Dir. opposite WSW ENE
Dom of “Spaceballs” DELUISE
Drake’s music RAP
Expose to intense heat BROIL
Eye part IRIS
French affirmative OUI
Gallery fill ART
Golfer’s cleek ONEIRON
Holiday event PARADE
Hun leader ATTILA
Landers and Lee ANNS
Light metal TIN
Lion feature MANE
Lock of hair TRESS
Long-reigning queen VICTORIA
Lose one’s mind GOMAD
Moon goddess LUNA
Propriety DECORUM
Put away STORED
Quarterback Manning ELI
Reader of secret messages DECODER
Regurgitated SPATUP
Romantic flower ROSE
Shop clamp VISE
Smell ODOR
Solemn STAID
Sound of surprise GASP
Think about PONDER
Tribe symbol TOTEM
Wee worker ANT
Wise saying ADAGE

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