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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Affliction’ star NOLTE
‘To Autumn’ poet KEATS
A very long time AGES
Acid LSD
Amorphous mass BLOB
Book blunders ERRATA
Brightens ELATES
Brit’s brew TEA
Brood watcher HEN
Bruins legend ORR
Bunion spot TOE
Chance to swing ATBAT
Chooses PICKS
City on the Rio Grande LAREDO
Closes SHUTS
Clumsy one OAF
Colors or sounds TONES
Course peg TEE
Cry of discovery OHO
Doctrine TENET
Endures LASTS
Fireplace bit ASH
For each APIECE
Giggling sound TEEHEE
Gym unit REP

Clues Answers
Half of hex- TRI
Hurry, in slang BOOKIT
Infinite ENDLESS
Intense fear DREAD
Lawyers’ org ABA
Less civil NASTIER
Made finer SIFTED
Messy places STIES
Met offering OPERA
Nat King Cole song BECAUSEOFRAIN
Nat King Cole song UNFORGETTABLE
Old French coin ECU
PC key TAB
Plane part CABIN
Powerful people INS
Razor sharpeners STROPS
Ring setting EARLOBE
Rocky hill TOR
Sandy’s bark ARF
Simpleton IDIOT
Surmise INFER
Tick off IRK
Took a breather RESTED
Whirlybird COPTER