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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 28 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Just the same …’ EVENSO
‘Scram!’ GOAWAY
The __ the limit’ SKYS
__ Fly Now’ (‘Rocky’ song) GONNA
__ we all?’ ARENT
Actor Wheaton WIL
Audition goal PART
Bank employee TELLER
Blasting stuff TNT
Chinese chairman MAO
Choose on the radio TUNETO
Clip on ATTACH
Composer Charles IVES
Copenhagen native DANE
Farmer, at times MILKER
Feeding-time need BIB
Fruit cocktail item MELONBALL
Gala event, of a sort COSTUMEBALL
Gave out hands DEALT
Grasps HOLDS
Harry Truman’s wife BESS
Justice symbol SCALES
Like some floors TILED
Lion sounds ROARS
Noted trailblazer BOONE
Nuts’ partners BOLTS
Ogler EYER
Old treaty org SEATO
Outback bird EMU
Procrastinator’s words NOTYET
San Francisco’s __ Hill NOB
School paper ESSAY
Sedan or SUV CAR
Showed nervousness PACED
Silver bar INGOT
Skeptical comment IBET
Snake-haired Gorgon MEDUSA
Start again RESUME
Surfing the web ONLINE
Tennis need NET
Tex-Mex snack TAMALE
Tricky pitch KNUCKLEBALL
Viral sensation MEME
Went ahead LED
Wily SLY
Wise ones SAGES