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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 29 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Don’t leave yet’ WAITUP
‘For — sake!’ PETES
‘My thoughts exactly’ IAGREE
‘Shoot!’ DARNIT
Be portentous BODE
Brahms piece SONATA
Bright beam RAY
Cain’s mother EVE
Church area APSE
Cloth scrap RAG
Damascus native SYRIAN
Deeply impressed INAWE
Field pests CROWS
Flying mammal BAT
Fragrant-flowered vine HONEYSUCKLE
Green shade OLIVE
Had longings ACHED
Hand over CEDE
Hold up DETAIN
In — (disordered) AMESS
Informers NARKS
Knight’s title SIR
Leafy lunch SALAD

Clues Answers
Mammal also called a ratel HONEYBADGER
Mendes of movies EVA
Motor part CAM
One of the chessmen BISHOP
Order to Spot STAY
Pageant topper TIARA
Persia, today IRAN
Pleads BEGS
Premier Khrushchev NIKITA
Prison camp STALAG
Privates’ bosses SARGES
Ram’s mate EWE
Red-and-black bird ORIOLE
Reduced amount LESS
Shows beyond doubt PROVES
Sign on a prank victim’s back KICKME
Store worker CLERK
Thin cuts SLITS
Tire features TREADS
Topper LID
Tourney passes BYES
Visitor from space ALIEN
Wildcats PUMAS
Young lion CUB