Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 31 2018

Clues Answers
Became exhausted FLAKEDOUT
Biathlon need RIFLE
Blacken SEAR
Brings to bear EXERTS
Bustle ADO
Casserole staple TUNA
Champagne bottle MAGNUM
Church sights ALTARS
Cultural fads MEMES
Deer’s home FOREST
District AREA
Don’t budge STAY
Drop off briefly TAKEANAP
Failed in a big way FLAMEDOUT
Fig pollinator WASP
Fire product ASH
French brandy COGNAC
Guffaw, informally LAFF
Hot blood IRE
Join the game PLAY
Lawn starter SOD
Losing period SLUMP
Made amends ATONED
Matador’s foe ELTORO
Mecca men SAUDIS

Clues Answers
Mob leader DON
Not active IDLE
Ore source LODE
Penn or Connery SEAN
Peony part PETAL
Perfect place UTOPIA
Polite word PLEASE
Radius partner ULNA
Readied oneself GEAREDUP
Rectangle measure WIDTH
Ruin MAR
Sack AXE
Scoundrel CAD
Served perfectly ACED
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Slalom maneuver ESS
Some linemen ENDS
Spanish gold ORO
Sticky gunk GOO
Stir up AROUSE
Stylist’s place SALON
Sure to fail DOOMED
Survive LAST
Tack on ADD
Tumble ROLL

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