Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Relax!” COOLIT
Artemis’s twin APOLLO
Blackout crime LOOTING
Blinds piece SLAT
Building wing ELL
Burner setting STOVE
Coral island CAY
Decimal base TEN
Experience anew RELIVE
Eyetooth CANINE
Femur’s upper end HIP
Film dubbing technique LOOPING
Force member COP
Glasgow native SCOT
Golfer’s cleek ONEIRON
Is nomadic ROAMS
La Scala city MILANO
Like some jackets LINED
List of candidates SLATE
Made amends ATONED
Maiden name label NEE
Music’s Santana CARLOS
Natural color BEIGE
Old card game LOO
On the horizon LOOMING
On-ramp sign MERGE
One followed by 100 zeros GOOGOL
Papas of “Z” IRENE
Patriot Ethan ALLEN
Peas’ places PODS
Racket SCAM
Retain KEEP
Scarlett’s last name OHARA
Set a course LED
Singer Jenny LIND
Slept soundly? SNORED
Spotted cat OCELOT
Spring LEAP
Stacked up PILED
Stately home MANOR
Sulky puller PACER
Taking a gander LOOKING
Techno music star MOBY
Thunder sounds CLAPS
Urban pollution SMOG
Urges on GOADS

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