Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 5 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Taps” tooter BUGLE
“The Planets” composer HOLST
Aerie youngster EAGLET
Atomizer’s output MIST
Band boosters AMPS
Bangkok native THAI
Blunt of “A Quiet Place” EMILY
Chowder bit CLAM
Cochlea setting EAR
Commotions ADOS
Flip call TAILS
Flower part STEM
Glorify EXALT
Go by bus RIDE
Grating sounds RASPS
Groom’s garb TUXEDO
Helen’s mother LEDA
Jazz genre BEBOP
Laundry problems STAINS
Long time AGE
Low cards TREYS
Lummox HULK
Make over REDO
Move carefully EASE
Not neg POS
One on a diamond BASEMAN
Parisian pal AMI
Part for Ford, perhaps MALELEAD
Pennsylvania port ERIE
Pindar poem ODE
Pop star IDOL
Rank above viscount EARL
Ready to go SET
Roadside marker MILEPOST
Rocker Clapton ERIC
Sea dog TAR
Show gratitude to THANK
Some marbles AGATES
Stag’s pride ANTLERS
Stag, e.g DEER
Token of love ROSE
Tot’s spot CRIB
Track act BET
Upright HONEST
Verdi opera AIDA
Wagon-pulling group MULETEAM
Window sections PANES
Worrier’s mountain MOLEHILL
Wound remnant SCAR

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