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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 6 2019

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Clues Answers
Apiece PER
Arthur of ‘Maude’ BEA
Cave sound ECHO
Coll.’s kin UNIV
Convent resident NUN
Crooked ATILT
Decays ROTS
Drawn out LONG
Eiffel Tower city PARIS
Fizzy drinks SODAS
Foot or furlong UNIT
Foyer HALL
Gets cozy SNUGGLES
Grow older AGE
Holiday sparklers TINSELS
Hollywood deal maker AGENT
Hound’s hands PAWS
Houston player ASTRO
Imports illegally SMUGGLES
Know-it-all’s challenge ASKME
Lively folk dance REEL
Madrid museum PRADO
Maiden name lead-in NEE
Museum focus ART
Music’s Vandross LUTHER
Near the ground LOW
Not obtuse ACUTE
Occupy a new home MOVEIN
Old layout work PASTEUP
Pen filler INK
Pot brew TEA
Put away STOW
Really good time BLAST
Regretted RUED
Shut with a bang SLAM
Skimpy swimwear THONG
Sleuth played by Lorre MOTO
Stepped down ALIT
Straighten ALIGN
Suffering ILL
Take care of SEETO
Third planet EARTH
Tight-fitting SNUG
Tooth surrounder GUM
Tries hard STRUGGLES
Tropical fruit GUAVA
TV’s Falco EDIE
Unicycle part WHEEL
Wild about INTO
— Vegas LAS