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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 7 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Message received’ ROGER
‘Scram!’ SHOO
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Actress Deborah KERR
Away from the wind ALEE
Big snake BOA
By way of VIA
Clumsy fellow APE
Coaches consult them PLAYBOOKS
Consume rapidly GOBBLEUP
Copycat’s cry METOO
Foot part TOE
Foyer HALL
Girder metal STEEL
Greek H ETA
Hailed vehicle CAB
Half a sextet TRIO
Holler YELL
Homer’s cry DOH
Hunting garb, for short CAMO
In medias — RES
Looks upon VIEWS
Mariner’s place OCEAN
Mosquito attack BITE
Neither Dem. nor Rep IND
Clues Answers
Neon, for one GAS
Not as good WORSE
Pine product RESIN
Pitted with holes POCKED
Political alliance BLOC
Pool sound SPLASH
Prying person SNOOP
Reasonable SANE
Retirement income PENSION
School paper ESSAY
Sense of self EGO
Shire of ‘Rocky’ TALIA
Shocked sound GASP
Shoppers’ aids CARTS
Silver bar INGOT
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Small tree with white flowers SNOWBELL
Spanish king REY
Sung drama OPERA
Suspect’s story ALIBI
Take it easy REST
They hold student exercises WORKBOOKS
Use the rink SKATE
Window part SILL
Worship ADORE
Yes — (answer choice) ORNO