Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Adam Bede” author ELIOT
Apollo Theater setting HARLEM
Asimov book IROBOT
Bakery come-on AROMA
Barefoot UNSHOD
Bloke CHAP
Blue cheese feature MOLD
Brooch part CLASP
Bud holders VASES
Cherbourg chum AMI
Clue room STUDY
Contemporary quality MODERNITY
Coup __ DETAT
Crack up LAUGH
Danger PERIL
Dawn goddess AURORA
Dramatist Jonson BEN
Excitation THRILL
Famed cellist YOYOMA
Fluctuate VARY
For every PER
French article LES
Grow up MATURE
Health class topic HYGIENE
Iran, once PERSIA
King march site SELMA
Links org PGA
Louver piece SLAT
Motherhood MATERNITY
Much email SPAM
Opportune TIMELY
Ordered display ARRAY
Oryx’s cousin ELAND
Pigged out ATE
Portland setting OREGON
Rancor SPITE
Reuben bread RYE
Reversed UNDID
Setting item GEM
Some skirts MIDIS
Son of Zeus ARES
Start for pitch or mo SLO
Tea additive SUGAR
Throw in ADD
Transmits SENDS
Tympanic membrane EARDRUM
Wear down ERODE

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