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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 8 2018

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Clues Answers
African antelope ELAND
Berlin speech GERMAN
Bolt partner NUT
Closing number FINALE
Confiscated SEIZED
Crossed out XED
Doctrine TENET
Explosions BLASTS
Eyetooth CANINE
First person ADAM
Fish feature FIN
Flower visitor BEE
Funny fellow WAG
Greek letters ZETAS
Hawk’s grabber TALON
Historic time ERA
Indulgent LAX
Lead-in INTRO
Like some winter days SLEETY
Make one’s way WEND
Museum events EXHIBITIONS
Organized hikes EXPEDITIONS
Overlook MISS
Paddy crop RICE
Clues Answers
Peach center PIT
Pindar work ODE
Place down LAY
Print units EMS
Refer to CITE
Rotisserie part SPIT
Says further ADDS
Scone add-in RAISIN
Secret agent SPY
Set of cards HAND
Sherbet flavor LEMON
Showed fear PALED
Slacken EASEUP
Small tablet PAD
Soda serving CAN
Some runners MILERS
Storm center EYE
Stratum TIER
Termite’s kin ANT
Traffic marker CONE
Travel stop HOTEL
Unspoken TACIT
Volcano output ASH
Wedding words IDO
Work hard TOIL
Yam or potato TUBER