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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 8 2019

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Clues Answers
‘West Side Story’ role ANITA
Ailing ILL
Ankle bones TARSALS
Blackjack call HITME
Clark’s partner LEWIS
Diagram FIGURE
Easter lead-in LENT
Flower part STAMEN
Fragrance AROMA
Fraternal group ELKS
Harden SET
In danger ATRISK
Influence SWAY
Insertion symbol CARET
Keg need TAP
Kilt patterns TARTANS
Korean or Thai ASIAN
La Brea fossil preserve TARPITS
Lisa’s dad HOMER
Lunch spot CAFE
Map division STATE
Mason of movies MARSHA
Mink’s cousin WEASEL
Outback bird EMU
Path WAY
Patriot Ethan ALLEN
Provide free of charge COMP
Puts in order RANKS
Race loser ALSORAN
Secret meeting TRYST
Skin art, in slang TATS
Slam sound BANG
Sorbonne season ETE
Star in Aquila ALTAIR
Star in Orion RIGEL
Star of the ’84 Olympics RETTON
Stovetop item KETTLE
Strike caller UMPIRE
Terse CURT
That girl’s HERS
Turn bad ROT
Unoccupied EMPTY
Wasn’t thrifty SPENT
Works leather TANS
Writer Jonson BEN
Zoo resident ANIMAL