Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – May 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Alien” director Scott RIDLEY
“Carmen,” for one OPERA
“Dallas” mom ELLIE
“Hello” singer ADELE
Anxious feeling UNEASE
Baby’s toy RATTLE
Band boosters AMPS
Bison’s home PLAINS
Bit of humor GAG
Brief drop DIP
Buffoon BOZO
Building heater BOILER
Catchers’ needs MITTS
Climate-affecting current ELNINO
Cowboy nickname TEX
Dawn goddess EOS
Dune makeup SAND
Empties out DRAINS
Fitting APT
Genesis garden EDEN
Have lunch EAT
Hockey scores GOALS
Hot, in a way SEXY
Ill-mannered RUDE
Intelligence BRAINS
Iris setting EYE
Iron output STEAM
Knight’s foe DRAGON
Laundry problems STAINS
Makes smooth EVENS
Moore of movies DEMI
New driver, often TEEN
Notorious emperor NERO
Pig’s place STY
Reduced amount LESS
Required NEEDED
Rio setting BRAZIL
Rx amounts DOSES
Sandwich shops DELIS
Sinking signal SOS
Sleep spot BED
Song for one SOLO
Soothing lotion SALVE
Sought ore MINED
Spends time at the mirror PREENS
Sports injuries SPRAINS
Syrup source MAPLE
Tumble ROLL
Worries BROODS

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