Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 10 2018

Clues Answers
‘Paradise Lost’ figure SATAN
‘Vamoose!’ GIT
Banks, at times LENDERS
Bottom-of-page line FOOTER
Break off END
Brownie additive WALNUT
Communicating INTOUCH
Composer Mahler GUSTAV
Creases FOLDS
Delicate DAINTY
Draws TIES
Egyptian crosses ANKHS
Entered CAMEIN
Express disbelief SCOFF
Fail to fail PASS
Far from cordial ICY
Far from wordy LACONIC
Feel faint SWOON
Glided SLID
Had on WORE
Ham’s assent WILCO
Heartfelt SINCERE
Hirsch of ‘Milk’ EMILE
Intend to WOULD
Mob action RIOT
More precious DEARER
More tender SORER
Mysterious ARCANE
Neckline shapes VEES
On the house FREE
Outstanding UNPAID
Perfume SCENT
Play part SCENE
Play start ACTI
Poor sport’s cry IQUIT
Pudding choice TAPIOCA
Radius partner ULNA
Rage FAD
Slender SVELTE
St. Louis sight ARCH
Tennis star Mandlikova HANA
Tranquil ATPEACE
Valued wood TEAK
Voiced a view OPINED
Winter wrap SHAWL
Worship site ALTAR
Yeti’s cousin SASQUATCH

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