Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 13 2018

Clues Answers
‘The Last Jedi’ heroine REY
Andress of ‘Dr. No’ URSULA
Bobsled’s kin LUGE
Boxing great ALI
Casino card ACE
Cautious WARY
Checkout act SCAN
Coffee add-in CREAM
Commentary piece OPED
Diving birds LOONS
Elvis’s birthplace TUPELO
Euro divisions CENTS
Folder features TABS
French friend AMI
Genesis woman EVE
Get in shape TONEUP
Grenade part PIN
Have lunch EAT
Humanitarian aid society REDCRESCENT
Irritates PEEVES
Lake makeup WATER
Least common RAREST
Like duck feet WEBBED
Lot sight CAR
Lumber tree REDSPRUCE
Mediation events TALKS
Misleading clues REDHERRINGS
Moves stealthily SLINKS
Nervous ANTSY
Optimistic ROSY
Padlock holders HASPS
Peaceful SERENE
Phone feature CAMERA
Prepares for war ARMS
Printer’s proof REPRO
Sat for a spell RESTED
Singes BURNS
Stiffness STARCH
Threaded fastener SCREW
Tirades RANTS
Tolerates ABIDES
Topper CAP
Unescorted ALONE
Utmost NTH
Whirl SPIN

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