Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 21 2018

Clues Answers
‘My word!’ GEE
Addition column ONES
Be penitent ATONE
Bowler’s cousin DERBY
Cartoon frame CEL
Comb components TEETH
Deficiency LACK
Draw closer to GAINON
European fashion center MILAN
Everett of film RUPERT
Fake gems PASTE
Flowering shrub ACACIA
Foal’s mother MARE
Friend ALLY
Galahad’s mother ELAINE
Glassy gems BERYLS
Greek letter ETA
Had brunch ATE
Home run expert HITTER
Hotel feature BAR
Incense ENRAGE
Jacket part LAPEL
Llama’s cousin ALPACA
Low singer BASSO
Movie plantation TARA
Natural slowpoke SNAIL
Not obtuse ACUTE
Ore source LODE
Outlaw BAN
Pilot’s employer AIRLINE
Poseidon’s domain THESEA
Resistance to change INERTIA
Rink makeup ICE
Shire of ‘Rocky’ TALIA
Song’s broadcast time AIRPLAY
Square dance VIP CALLER
Sty group PIGS
Sufficient AMPLE
Survives LASTS
Swiss peak ALP
Terrible free throw AIRBALL
Tournament passes BYES
Tree part LIMB
Waterlogged SOGGY
Winter weather SLEET
Zeppelin AIRSHIP

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