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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Ailing ILL
Army level RANK
Ballpoint fill INK
Barking beast SEAL
Become obsessed FIXATE
Bonkers LOONY
Bright SUNNY
Buddy PAL
Caesar’s language LATIN
City squares PLAZAS
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Combustible heap PYRE
Consider comparable EQUATE
Court WOO
Dance unit STEP
Disconcert FAZE
Dubai, for one EMIRATE
Eiffel Tower setting PARIS
Fridge stick-on MAGNET
Game with bishops CHESS
Grown girl WOMAN
Hawaiian instrument UKE
Hosp. workers RNS
Lab bottle VIAL
Library patron READER
Like draft beer ONTAP
Like xenon INERT
Line of symmetry AXIS
Magic word PRESTO
Nabokov book LOLITA
New York player YANKEE
Not at home AWAY
Not called for UNDUE
Quantity AMOUNT
Ritzy home ESTATE
Russian refusal NYET
Spectrum color VIOLET
Storage site BIN
Sunset site WEST
Suspect’s defense ALIBI
Temperament NATURE
Temple support PILLAR
Tests the weight of HEFTS
Threw into the air LOFTED
Turf SOD
Wintry weather SLEET
Witty remark QUIP
Work the fields PLOW
Xenon, for one GAS