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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 27 2018

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Clues Answers
A fan of INTO
Boxer Liston SONNY
Brief bursts SPURTS
Brit’s brew STOUT
Brit’s brew TEA
Carafe contents WINE
Con-clude END
Corn Belt state IOWA
Court divider NET
Dapper guy DAN
Director Howard RON
Do some modeling POSE
Fine-tune TWEAK
First nĂºmero UNO
Fitting APT
Fix text EDIT
From the area LOCAL
Got to one’s feet STOOD
Hold title to OWN
Holds onto KEEPS
Indiana player PACER
Letter after sigma TAU
Like some stoves WOODBURNING
Long account SAGA
Looks upon VIEWS
Lotion additive ALOE
Lowly chessman PAWN
Milk source COW
Mistake ERROR
Money-back offer REBATE
Moral excellence VIRTUE
Mumbai’s nation INDIA
Negating word NOT
Not obtuse ACUTE
Old codger COOT
Painter Joan MIRO
Picnic invader ANT
Pirate’s take LOOT
Rich cake TORTE
Roadhouse INN
Saddler’s tools AWLS
Sculpting medium STONE
Senior AGED
Singing groups TRIOS
Soccer’s Hamm MIA
Solitary ALONE
Stovetop item KETTLE
Sunbeam RAY
T-bone, e.g STEAK
Take advantage of USE
The works ALL
Water, in France EAU