Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Nov 6 2018

Clues Answers
‘I — Rock’ AMA
1976 Heisman winner TONYDORSETT
1981 Heisman winner MARCUSALLEN
1984 Jeff Bridges film STARMAN
Author Tan AMY
Bitter brew PALEALE
Brainstorming fellow IDEAMAN
Cacao holder POD
Chewy candies NOUGATS
Church fixture ALTAR
Curbside call TAXI
Daughter of Leda HELEN
Early auto REO
European peak ALP
Fancy homes ESTATES
Fishing poles RODS
Forbidden acts NONOS
Gettysburg loser LEE
Gives a hoot CARES
Had debts OWED
High homes NESTS
Ignore the limit SPEED
Intuit SENSE
Kin of Ltd INC
Loses focus BLURS
Makes flat EVENS
Morning, in Marseille MATIN
Mouse chaser CAT
NFL players PROS
Peru neighbor CHILE
Piece of lumber LOG
Prisoner’s plea LETMEGO
Prom crowd TEENS
Ram’s mate EWE
Ran into MET
Scarlet RED
Second person EVE
Sends overseas EXPORTS
Sewing kit items NEEDLES
Sir’s counterpart MADAM
Staffers AIDES
Tango or twist DANCE
Texas landmark ALAMO
Touched in passing BRUSHED
Towel word HIS
Without others ALONE
Worked the runway MODELED
Zwei follower DREI

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