Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 10 2018

Clues Answers
Ambitious bet TRIFECTA
Ascend RISE
Brain layers CORTEXES
By way of VIA
CBer’s need RADIO
Change the decor RENOVATE
Con man’s trick HOAX
Dearth LACK
Door fastener HASP
Female foxes VIXENS
Fido’s foot PAW
Finishes ENDS
Franklin’s first lady ELEANOR
Game official REF
Gofer’s work TASKS
Got together MET
Heartfelt SINCERE
Llama’s land ANDES
Low number ONE
Lukewarm TEPID
Lush SOT
Madame Curie MARIE
Mariner’s place OCEAN
Mercenary VENAL
Most writing PROSE
Move like a crab SIDLE
NBC show since 1975 SNL
Nuisances PESTS
Paris river SEINE
Pool sticks CUES
Prince of India RAJA
Printer need TONER
Queasy on board SEASICK
Quirk TIC
Reflex studier PAVLOV
Rider’s strap REIN
Runs out EXPIRES
Saucer flyer ALIEN
Ship wood TEAK
Singer Cleo LAINE
South Pole feature ICECAP
Spot SEE
Take to court SUE
Takes in CONS
Tear RIP
Torment VEX
Toss out EJECT
Train stop DEPOT
Whirlpools VORTEXES

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