Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 2 2018

Clues Answers
‘Pinocchio’ fish CLEO
Basketball’s Shaquille ONEAL
Become accepted GETIN
Big shooter CANNON
Billiards shot CAROM
Cabinet part DOOR
Carnival city RIO
Composer Satie ERIK
Convoy truck SEMI
Corn helping EAR
Court event TRIAL
Cruel MEAN
Curved path ARC
Director Howard RON
Drudgery TOIL
Easy gaits TROTS
Fable end MORAL
Feel queasy AIL
Formerly ONCE
Forming of close friendships between men MALEBONDING
Gets older AGES
Golf prop TEE
Halley’s discovery COMET
Harangue RANT
Heart, for one ORGAN
January gemstone GARNET
Lipstick slip SMEAR
Make mistakes ERR
Network points NODES
Notion IDEA
Objective AIM
Peculiar ODD
Poem of praise ODE
Postal worker MAILCARRIER
Pound part OUNCE
Relatives KIN
Singer Tori AMOS
Spine-tingling EERIE
Squeezing snake BOA
Squid’s squirt INK
Stood up AROSE
Storage site BIN
Supply with funds ENDOW
Surmise RECKON
Tough spot BIND
Twosome DUO
Uncool fellow NERD
Unsteady WOBBLY
Used a sofa SAT
Went ahead LED
West Point student CADET
Words of understanding ISEE
Zeus or Apollo GOD

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