Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 24 2018

Clues Answers
‘So that’s it!’ AHA
‘Sure thing!’ YES
__ up (preened) DUDED
Accomplishment FEAT
Black eye SHINER
Blunders ERRS
Botched MISDID
Break up, in a way DISBAND
Days gone by PAST
Deceitful people LIARS
Deceived SNOWED
Did a yard job MOWED
Essence NUB
Fancy feather PLUME
Golfer Norman GREG
Hit the bottle TOPE
Homer’s bartending pal MOE
Hotel units BEDS
In this manner LIKESO
Irritate PEEVE
Late flight REDEYE
Made flat EVENED
Mayflower name ALDEN
Miami- __ County DADE
NBA star Anthony, familiarly MELO
Newly fashioned REMADE
Nourished FED
Opposing opinion DISSENT
Paid for a hand ANTED
Pancreas product INSULIN
Poem of praise ODE
Polite chaps GENTS
Porgy’s love BESS
Puts on ice COOLS
Quite impressed INAWE
Roused from slumber WOKEN
Rust, for one OXIDE
Spring holiday EASTER
Strangely different EXOTIC
Styling stuffs GELS
Summer in Paris ETE
Take in SEE
Title documents DEEDS
Ultimate goal ENDALL
V fliers GEESE

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