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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 25 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Jaws’ threat SHARK
__ de France ILE
Accomplished with effort HARDWON
Assurance SAYSO
Barracks bed COT
Battle vehicles TANKS
Big do BASH
Bundle of papers SHEAF
Carry too far OVERDO
Chimed RANG
Clarinet part REED
Comment REMARK
Cub’s cave DEN
Deck makeup CARDS
Deep groove RUT
Deuce beaters TREYS
Different ELSE
Diver’s gear SCUBA
Egypt divider NILE
Endanger RISK
Feel sorry for PITY
First name in jazz ELLA
Fraternal group ELKS
Freshwater fish CARP
Getting on AGING
Heart line spot PALM
Invite ASK
Lebanon trees CEDARS
Letter before Bravo ALFA
List separator COMMA
Longoria of TV EVA
Metric mass KILO
Miles off AFAR
Murder SLAY
Necklace part BEAD
Poet Dylan THOMAS
Poultry purchases CAPONS
Powerful punch HAYMAKER
Salary determiner PAYSCALE
Saloon BAR
Sea-related OCEANIC
Sheriff’s group POSSE
Sorts ILKS
Tag info COST
Take ten REST
Thurman of film UMA
Traveler on foot WAYFARER
Water, to Juan AGUA