Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 3 2018

Clues Answers
1990s veep ALGORE
Be bold DARE
Checkout swipe SCAN
Choice morsel TIDBIT
Collins base GIN
Composer Glass PHILIP
Didn’t ignore HEEDED
Domesticates TAMES
Early Peruvian INCA
Guarantee ENSURE
Gun, as a motor REV
Hammer end PEEN
Have debts OWE
Headey of ‘Game of Thrones’ LENA
Hot blood IRE
Increases threefold TREBLES
Irish people CELTS
Legendary Paul BUNYAN
Library section REFERENCE
Low digit ONE
Lynx or lion CAT
Maple Leafs’ org NHL
Nevada neighbor UTAH
NFL players PROS
On the ball ALERT
Patriot Allen ETHAN
Physique, slangily BOD
Pig’s place STY
Pigeon’s perch LEDGE
Poet Hughes TED
Pointer TIP
Pub pastime DARTS
Pub pint ALE
Questionable IFFY
Reply to ‘Gracias’ DENADA
River feature DELTA
Scoundrel CAD
She sheep EWE
Some smokes CIGARS
Soothing GENTLE
Stir up RILE
Switch setting OFF
Take the bus RIDE
Theater award TONY
Ventilated AIRED
Walk with pride STRUT
Water cooler ICE
Weight HEFT
Wise saying ADAGE
With a low pH ACIDIC

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