Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 4 2018

Clues Answers
‘How droll!’ HAHA
Son __ gun!’ OFA
__ Major (Sirius setting) CANIS
Big truck VAN
Bitter brew PALEALE
Bounders CADS
Composer Rorem NED
Creator of the Lorax DRSEUSS
Disco’s Summer DONNA
Flag creator ROSS
Flared dress ALINE
Frisco footballer NINER
Gin drink SLING
Good-natured AMIABLE
Grier of ‘Jackie Brown’ PAM
Has debts OWES
In the manner of ALA
Lasagna and linguine PASTAS
Macho sort HEMAN
Math comparison RATIO
Meadow group COWS
Medium sessions SEANCES
Mess up ERR
Moon of Saturn TITAN
Mystique AURA
Off limits TABOO
Pacific islanders SAMOANS
Party givers HOSTS
Permit ALLOW
Pitching great Tom SEAVER
Puts on the wall HANGS
Recess NOOK
Ride the waves SURF
Ring great ALI
Sawmill sights LOGS
Skillets PANS
Sound from a smithy CLANG
Suffering ILL
Take to court SUE
Top pitcher ACE
Travel stop INN
Tries to find SEEKS
Try out USE
Tuned in AWARE
Vocally ALOUD
Web site feature SEARCH
Year quartet SEASONS

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