Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 5 2018

Clues Answers
‘The Tempest’ sprite ARIEL
Academic press worker BIBLIOGRAPHER
Alarm sound SIREN
Arab leader SHEIK
Architect I.M PEI
Assignments POSTS
Assn ORG
Brain part LOBE
Bridge suspender CABLE
Broadway worker USHER
Campaign pro POL
Coat part SLEEVE
Comes down in buckets POURS
Commie backer PINKO
Dictionary writer LEXICOGRAPHER
Doorways PORTALS
Electrician’s concern WIRES
Fast pitches SLIDERS
Fire product ASHES
Follow TAIL
Gator or gecko REPTILE
Hawke of film ETHAN
How some drugs are taken ORALLY
Insect organ PALP
Jupiter or Mars GOD
Juvenile YOUNG
Lacking slack TAUT
Like fabric in a quilting kit PRECUT
Luggage add-on TAG
Made billions GOTRICH
Make darts, say SEW
Map key LEGEND
Met work OPERA
Mimic APER
Much of history WARS
Nursery group TOTS
Oxford features LACES
Pairs DUOS
S&L offering IRA
Shredded TOREUP
Singer Franklin ARETHA
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Small songbird WREN
Snaky fish EEL
Species divisions SEXES
Stage prompt CUE
Tick off PEEVE
Wing ELL

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