Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 6 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“__ Fideles” ADESTE
Ancient Mesopotamian region SUMER
Attacked HADAT
Avenue tree ELM
Beige ECRU
Belief, in brief ISM
Bow’s shape ARC
Bran bit OAT
Briefing spot PRESSROOM
Bustle ADO
Changes direction ZAGS
Coldly distant ALOOF
Comic tribute ROAST
Counsels ADVISES
Detail map INSET
Eat away ERODE
Exalted work ODE
Fashion workers DRESSMAKERS
Flynn of film ERROL
For each PER
Galloped RAN
Ice cream unit SCOOP
Indian lutes SITARS
Last mo DEC
Letter after upsilon PHI
Like caramel CHEWY
Liner parts DECKS
Little darling CUTEY
Match part SET
Moral system ETHIC
More pious HOLIER
More pretentious ARTIER
New Zealander KIWI
Nino’s mother MADRE
Ordinal number ending ETH
Persia, today IRAN
Pig’s place STY
Postal choice AIRMAIL
Pre-1917 rulers CZARS
Presentation aid CHART
Presidential nickname IKE
Radiator attachment HOSE
School board users CHESSTEAM
Singer Reed LOU
Suffering AGONY
Tyler of “The Lord of the Rings” LIV
Wallop HIT
Wander ROAM
Wheat whackers SCYTHES
Writer Bret HARTE
__ amis MES

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