Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Oct 7 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Westworld” co-star JEFFREYWRIGHT
“Westworld” co-star TESSATHOMPSON
Action setting ARENA
Appeases SATES
Be agreeable SAYYES
Budapest’s nation HUNGARY
Deli meat HAM
Deplore RUE
Designer Coco CHANEL
Dr.’s gp AMA
Exodus figure MOSES
Glasgow native SCOT
Goddess of the hunt ARTEMIS
Goya subjects MAJAS
Heady brew ALE
Humiliates SHAMES
Livens (up) PEPS
Lyric poem ODE
Master anew RELEARN
Matador’s foe ELTORO
Mermaid’s home SEA
Mine material ORE
Monument Valley sights MESAS
Moved through mud SLOGGED
Music booster AMP
Old hand PRO
On that spot THERE
Onassis nickname ARI
Paintball cry IMHIT
Parson’s house MANSE
Part player ACTOR
Pay to play ANTEUP
Phone feature CAMERA
Quarrel ROW
Ran into MET
Relaxed ATEASE
Scottish singer Donegan LONNIE
Slalom shape ESS
Smooths, in a way SANDS
Solution: Abbr ANS
Studio stand EASEL
Suffix for Joseph or Paul INE
Threatening sounds GROWLS
Throw in ADD
Tina of “30 Rock” FEY
Ump’s call OUT
Undermine ERODE
Workout wear SWEATS
__ Carta MAGNA

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