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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 1 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Exodus’ hero ARI
‘He did not just say that!’ OHSNAP
Alaskan island KODIAK
Avril follower MAI
Bar buy ROUND
Best Picture of 1955 MARTY
Betting info ODDS
California player LAKER
Common bill ONE
Crunch targets ABS
Drawer pulls KNOBS
Floral ornament ROSETTE
Fourth-yr. students SRS
Fresh NEW
Go astray ERR
Ham’s need RADIO
Hesitant UNSURE
In addition TOBOOT
Kitchen come-on AROMA
Lack of vitality ANEMIA
Like excited fans AROAR
Luggage BAGS
Magic teammate, once KAREEM
Make a choice OPT
Make broader WIDEN
Mangle MAIM
Most writing PROSE
New York player YANKEE
No-no on some diets CARBS
Numerical prefix TRI
Pitching need TENTSTAKE
Playful mammal OTTER
Puts in order RANKS
Salt additive IODINE
Some agents SPIES
Statutes LAWS
Takes in CONS
Tick off IRK
Ties down TETHERS
Turkish peak ARARAT
Tybalt’s killer ROMEO
Uncovers BARES
Unexciting TAME
Uses for support RESTSON
Worries STEWS
Yawning, perhaps BORED