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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
Accountant’s app SPREADSHEET
Activity centers HOTBEDS
Ages and ages EONS
Auditor’s org IRS
Bat material ASH
Becomes more profound DEEPENS
Bikini, for one ATOLL
Book makeup PAGES
Brings up REARS
Caribou’s cousin ELK
Carries TOTES
Case in point EXAMPLE
Collar NAB
Combat WAR
Crack up LAUGH
Cut down HEW
Endures LASTS
Fork or knife UTENSIL
Gander’s mate GOOSE
Gladys Knight’s backers PIPS
Heart’s place CHEST
Houston player ASTRO
Keyed up TENSE
Like a 13- Across, perhaps GREASED
Like the piper PIED
Line of symmetry AXIS
Long fish EEL
Long March participants MAOISTS
Make amends ATONE
Mediterranean island MINORCA
Mini burgers SLIDERS
Morse E DOT
Office helpers TEMPS
Peptic problem ULCER
Pi follower RHO
Pinochle scores MELDS
Prepares an athlete’s ankle TAPESUP
Print units ENS
Punk rock offshoot EMO
Sassy PERT
Skillet PAN
Sports setting ARENA
Toronto-to-D.C. dir SSE
Tries for flies SWATS
Untamed WILD
Walked back and forth PACED
What censurers read RIOTACT
Yale rooter ELI