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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 12 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Divine Comedy’ writer DANTE
‘The Matrix’ hero NEO
Available for rent TOLET
Avoid bed STAYUP
Bakery buys PASTRIES
Behold SEE
Borders EDGES
Cal. column FRI
Christmas season YULE
D.C. baseballer, for short NAT
Diamond corner BASE
Directors Spike and Ang LEES
Flop DUD
Had a banquet FEASTED
Hair goo GEL
Hay unit BALE
Hot Springs setting ARKANSAS
Ike’s boyhood home ABILENE
Judge’s rapper GAVEL
Junk, for one BOAT
Luau instruments UKES
Martini base VODKA
Minor argument TIFF
Paul Bunyan’s ox BABE
Phone bug TAP
Pipe problem LEAK
Pitcher’s pride ARM
Poet Neruda PABLO
Polite address SIR
Quarterback Tim TEBOW
Ram’s mate EWE
Ranch group STEERS
Ready to go SET
Romantic flower ROSE
Seething ABOIL
Skier’s spot LODGE
Some woodwinds OBOES
Spring up ARISE
Stir up AROUSE
Stomach woe ULCER
Storage rooms PANTRIES
Supply funding for FINANCE
Swindle FLEECE
Take advantage of USE
Tea party guest ALICE
Title documents DEEDS
Tree with fan-shaped leaves PALMETTO
Wear away ERODE