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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 14 2018

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Clues Answers
Arcade group GAMERS
Be decisive OPT
Beach bits SANDS
Beat walker COP
Bird-related AVIAN
Caller’s annoyance BADCONNECTION
Charitable aid RELIEF
Co. abbr INC
Compass trace ARC
Coniferous tree LARCH
Dance move STEP
Electronics piece DIODE
Enticed LEDON
Fellow MAN
Foil user FENCER
Freight weight TON
Girl in a Beach Boys song RHONDA
Glee club member SINGER
Groom’s answer IDO
Hole in the head NOSTRIL
Keats creation ODE
Light lunches SALADS
Minivan alternative SUV
Objective AIM
On the way out GOING
Overly eager RABID
Pig-poke link INA
Ping producer SONAR
Predicament SCRAPE
Prelude INTRO
Pub pints ALES
Quiz show fodder TRIVIA
Rainforest weapon DARTGUN
Redress AVENGE
Sense of self EGO
Shoe shade TAN
Signifies DENOTES
Spanish gold ORO
Start of many a museum ARTCOLLECTION
Stay away from EVADE
Stockpile AMASS
Strange ALIEN
Summer wear SHORTS
SUV or sedan CAR
Throw in ADD
Tipsy LIT
Trig functions SINES
Undermine ERODE
Wreaks havoc on RAVAGES
X look-alike CHI