Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 14 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Act restless FIDGET
Beer dispenser KEG
Big snake BOA
Bit of humor GAG
Black goo TAR
Campus area QUAD
Carpenter’s tool SAW
Cowboy nickname TEX
Dance’s de Mille AGNES
Dentist’s deg DDS
Diamond scores RUNS
Disconcerted FAZED
Fan’s favorite IDOL
Farm chunk ACRE
Following SINCE
Force DINT
Garment with laces BODICE
Getting cuddly SNUGGLING
Goad on URGE
Gunrunning, e.g SMUGGLING
Hardly a fan HATER
High point ACME
Hydrocarbon suffix ENE
Jackson 5 hit ABC
Jar part LID
Letter after sigma TAU
Like an eyesore UGLY
Move smoothly GLIDE
Not pos NEG
Ocean motion TIDE
Pivotal point CRUX
Plaster finish STUCCO
Pollux’s twin CASTOR
Prepare for a trip PACK
Refuse DENY
Roberts of film JULIA
Script bit LINE
Shortly, in poems ANON
Singer Grande ARIANA
Singer Stewart ROD
Skimpy swimwear THONG
Skin woe ACNE
Snappy retort ZINGER
Steel ingredient IRON
Suit piece VEST
Sunset site WEST
The Emerald Isle ERIN
Thesaurus author ROGET
Through VIA
Throw in the towel QUIT
Van Gogh work IRISES
Writer Cocteau JEAN
Years gone by PAST

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