Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 18 2018

Clues Answers
‘Das Lied von der Erde’ composer MAHLER
‘The Color Purple’ heroine CELIE
‘The King’ ELVIS
Baltimore player ORIOLE
Brush target HAIR
Circular glows HALOS
Comic Caesar SID
Crone HAG
Deck worker MATE
Diner sandwich BLT
Dog show category BREED
Extra amount MORE
Flanks SIDES
Formal headwear TOPHAT
God of war ARES
Greek sorceress MEDEA
Handles SEESTO
In favor of FOR
Intense fear DREAD
It’s up for grabs on a court LOOSEBALL
Like some mushrooms EDIBLE
Link up HITCH
Little rascal IMP
Love, to Luigi AMORE
Maine park ACADIA
Make a choice OPT
Marsh plants REEDS
More adept DEFTER
One way to read ALOUD
Peruvian peaks ANDES
Porgy’s love BESS
Ran into MET
Ran off to wed ELOPED
Seine summers ETES
Stay home for supper DINEIN
Take out REMOVE
That fellow HIM
Thyme or tarragon HERB
Tour carrier BUS
Travel stop INN
Uses a towel DRIES
Wallet bills TENS
Yard surrounders HEDGES

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