Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
‘Get lost!’ SCAT
‘Waterloo’ group ABBA
Actor’s signal CUE
Appomattox name LEE
Blue hue TEAL
Book blunders ERRATA
Book unit PAGE
Chair feature ARM
Comfy spot NEST
Complete END
Do over REPEAT
Dramatist Jonson BEN
Fantastic UNREAL
Freshly ANEW
Gangsters’ guns RODS
Give off EMIT
Great Leap Forward leader MAO
Had a snack ATE
Help out AID
Hive group BEES
In unison AGREED
Indy auto RACER
Mexican miss SENORITA
Mexican resort CANCUN
Microwave sounds BEEPS
Mortar’s mate PESTLE
New soldier ENLISTEE
Painter Frank STELLA
Pinnacle TOP
Replay feature SLOMO
Ring islands ATOLLS
Saddler’s tools AWLS
Sermon end AMEN
Sets the price at ASKS
Singer Tori AMOS
Sites for defensive stands GOALLINES
Some beers LAGERS
Spotted ESPIED
Spring LEAP
Take in SEE
Tolerate ABIDE
Tuna sandwiches MELTS
Useful ability ASSET
Valued wood TEAK
Washed out PALE
Water channel SLUICE
Water cooler ICE
Watering hole BAR
West Virginia worksites COALMINES

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