Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 21 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“You there!” PSST
Back biter MOLAR
Baseball’s Ty COBB
Big name in auto racing UNSER
Bush’s successor OBAMA
Clear, as a drain UNSTOP
Coagulated CLOTTED
College heads DEANS
Color DYE
Comic strip makeup PANELS
Convened MET
Corrals PENS
Domineering BOSSY
Fable ending MORAL
Honolulu hello ALOHA
Ice skate part BLADE
Kitchen come-on AROMA
Lab liquids ACIDS
Like good handwriting LEGIBLE
Like some sweaters PULLON
Long sofa DIVAN
Lumberjack’s leftover STUMP
Music category POP
Navy clerk YEOMAN
On the schedule SLOTTED
Over again ANEW
Parsley unit SPRIG
Peter of “Troy” OTOOLE
Pie producer BAKERY
Rating unit STAR
Singer Tucker TANYA
Snare TRAP
Soaked up, in a way BLOTTED
Speech maker ORATOR
State of mind MOOD
Sturgeon eggs ROE
Tag info COST
Tater SPUD
Tear RIP
Tennis star Naomi OSAKA
Thingamabob DOODAD
Tried hard STROVE
Turn to slush THAW
Ump’s call OUT
Use a crowbar PRY
Vein yield ORE
Very cold ARCTIC
Was a schemer PLOTTED

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