Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 24 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Skyfall” singer ADELE
“The Taming of the Shrew” city PADUA
1970s scandal WATERGATE
Angled golf holes DOGLEGS
Aspirations HOPES
Avenue tree ELM
Bar study LAW
Bears’ lairs DENS
Blue-gray cat MALTESE
Bowler, e.g HAT
Call on TAP
CDs’ forerunners LPS
Church sights ALTARS
Country division STATE
Early hr ONEAM
Fabric color DYE
Famed fur tycoon ASTOR
Flight makeup STEPS
Green shade JADE
Handles SEESTO
Historic event FIRST
In what way HOW
Look up to ADMIRE
Mer makeup EAU
Move smoothly GLIDE
Network points NODES
Nobel, for one SWEDE
Peevish TESTY
Print units EMS
Prudent WISE
Quite full SATED
Rock unit CARAT
Roll call answer HERE
Scorching REDHOT
Select group ELITE
Showed over RERAN
Sight from Yemen REDSEA
Some time in the future LATERDATE
Spot for a ten-spot WALLET
Stadium group FANS
Swearing-in vow IDO
Tabloid content SLEAZE
Tooth layer ENAMEL
Undermines ERODES
Where Gauguin painted TAHITI

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