Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 25 2018

Clues Answers
‘Becket’ actor OTOOLE
‘Horton Hears –‘ AWHO
Baby bull CALF
Barracks bed COT
Bart, to Homer SON
Big singing group OCTET
Building unit STORY
Cello’s kin BASS
Chocolate source CACAO
Clothing feature with a flap CARGOPOCKET
Colorful carp KOI
Debate group PROS
Dietary concern FAT
Diner seating choice BOOTH
Ellipse bit ARC
English article THE
Entertain at bedtime READTO
Freshman, usually TEEN
Get up RISE
Golfer’s need TEE
Heroic story EPIC
Hit the bottle TOPE
Hook-billed bird SHRIKE
Hot drink TEA
Ill will RANCOR
Indiana city GARY
Inquire ASK
Iris’s place EYE
Lamb’s mom EWE
Lunar landing aid RETROROCKET
Make sense ADDUP
Marching band instrument TUBA
Millionth of a meter MICRON
Mob pariah RAT
Moose cousin ELK
Movie category GENRE
Night spots BEDS
Optimally ATBEST
Poultry buy CAPON
Prickly plant CACTUS
Roosevelt’s successor TRUMAN
Saloon BAR
Starting point BASIS
Stockpile AMASS
Tahini base SESAME
Tell tales LIE
Termination END
Tibet setting ASIA
Utter SAY
Wager BET
Yard tools EDGERS

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