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Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 7 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Thomas Joseph King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“I will go,” for example FUTURETENSE
“What’s __ for me?” INIT
2007 Kentucky Derby winner STREETSENSE
Aid in breaking down doors FIREAXE
Barbecue rods SPITS
Body of law CANON
Brewery tub VAT
Bring together UNITE
Calendar entry EVENT
Chateau owner VINTNER
Cork sound POP
Dead ducks GONERS
Evergreen shrub YEW
Full of energy ALIVE
Gem side FACET
Here, to Henri ICI
Houston native TEXAN
Jacqueline of films BISSET
Letter writing, some say LOSTART
Light brown TAN
Lincoln’s bill FIVE
Lusty look LEER
Make blank ERASE
Massive ref. bk OED
Middling card SEVEN
Neck wrap SCARF
New drivers, usually TEENS
Office div DEPT
Out of bed RISEN
Pacific island group PALAU
Parliament members LORDS
Perfect places EDENS
Put in a box ENCASED
Retina setting EYE
Sch. support group PTA
Serving perfectly ACING
Singer Carly __ Jepsen RAE
Slangy denial NAW
Sleep disturber NOISE
Sock part TOE
Tell tales LIE
Treat derisively SNEERAT
Tree fluid SAP
Tree-lined walk ALLEE
View SEE
Wed in secret ELOPE
__ de Mayo CINCO