Thomas Joseph – King Feature Syndicate – Sep 7 2022 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Au naturel BARE
Barely adequate SCANT
Be a contender VIE
Binary base TWO
Cobbler’s tool AWL
Cold forecast TEENS
Conditions IFS
Conjure up EVOKE
Cop’s words to a partner COVERME
Coral structure REEF
Crooked BENT
Diamond club BAT
Diatribe TIRADE
Disputed ATISSUE
Encrusted CAKED
Expected DUE
Fall flower ASTER
Field worker REF
Frisbees, e.g DISCS
Gold unit KARAT
Hardly a fan HATER
High home NEST
Hinders DETERS
Ignored the limit SPED
Job interview topic SKILLSET
Knight’s wear ARMOR
Language spoken at some conventions KLINGON
Last year’s frosh SOPHS
Latitude SCOPE
Look after CAREFOR
Mimicked APED
Morse bit DOT
Open, in a way UNCAP
Overrun INVADE
Parasol offering SHADE
Parks of civil rights history ROSA
Prophesied FORETOLD
Punch SOCK
Quadruple FOURFOLD
Regret RUE
River boat BARGE
Stadium sound ROAR
Take it easy REST
That woman HER
Tire track RUT
Uno plus due TRE
Was able to buy AFFORDED
Winfrey of TV OPRAH
Zhivago’s portrayer SHARIF

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